Gingerly Lizzy

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
2006-12-24 - 8:17 a.m.

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about Christmas. Having children of the age who can grasp the whole "Santa" concept makes it so much more magical again! I can hardly wait myself!

Today will be filled with cooking (yesterday I did the yams, cheesy carrot casserole, cranberry salsa and butter tarts, today I do the creamed onions), eating, a gingerbread house decorating contest, worshipping, and anticipation.

All of my presents are wrapped, laying it out and playing santa is one of the most fun parts! We will leave cookies and milk for Santa, and even managed to wrangle up to "santa's sleigh bells", to leave under the tree, just like in the movie Polar Express which my kids have watched every day since Thanksgiving. I think they will be thrilled with that.

We will read the childrens version of the nativity story, and Here Comes Santa Claus before bed and then tuck them in, reminding them that they need to go right to sleep before Santa can come. Let's not forget the token jingle bell ringing.

Later on, Dave and I will read of the Saviors birth, to remind us where all of this wonderful tradition began and what this holiday is truly celebrating. Not Santa, and presents, or a big dinner or gingerbread decorating, but the day when the greatest gift of all was given to the world - that of one who would bring salvation to all men.

I believe.

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