Gingerly Lizzy

Sweet Surprise
2007-01-05 - 11:15 a.m.

My poor children. They inherited my addiction to chocolate.

This morning, I spent a little too much time upstairs and when I called down the stairs to see what the kids were up to, of course, my call was met with silence which guarantees trouble.

I walked down. No kids in the living room, No kids in the bathroom (thank goodness), No kids in the... wait a minute. I look under the bed and there they are, the two little chocolate bandits. They had taken the entire box of ferrero roche chocolates Adam sent and were devouring them under the bed. Blake had also managed to find a stash of chocolate coins that we had hidden away (I swear he has a chocolate radar!) and Sydney, not having the dexterity to open the bag, just decided to start chewing on them through the mesh bag.
There was chocolate everywhere. Except on Blake. He is getting good at not getting food all over himself when he eats. Sydney on the other hand...

This is what Sydney looked like before I dumped her into the tub:

Now if that isn't the face of trouble, I don't know what is.

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