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Motivational Thinking
2007-01-06 - 4:11 p.m.

Dave and I picked up an ipod nano today and an armband. Hopefully this will be the motivation I need to go back to the gym. We got a green one because that was all they had at the moment. I was secretly pleased because that would be the color I would have picked out on my own anyway.

I tivo'd the film "Supersize Me" and watched it yesterday. That will also add to my motivation. I can't believe what a diet of only fast food can do to a human body! That is insane that your liver can have the same damage done as an alcoholic! It was a good film, but I wasn't crazy about how much they focused on McDonalds as the bad guy. Lets be honest, there are now fast food places all over the world and there has ALWAYS been fattening choices out there. You don't see every other country following tout suite!
I don't agree with people who sue these company's, I am a HUGE believer in taking personal responsibility for your actions.

No one forces me to go get giant Symphony bars and eat the entire things by myself do they? Would I ever sue Hershey's for my chocolate addiction? GET REAL.

Sometimes the society of blame we live in makes me sick.

I am in the process of reading
"Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel--Why Everything You Know is Wrong" by John Stossel (Dave got it for me for Christmas), and I must say I am refreshed to finally read some truth (not just his but an entire team of researches who compiled facts...), and it talks about how much all of these frivolous lawsuits hurt us. Great book. I highly reccommend to anyone who would like to have their eyes opened.

It is crazy what denial can do.

Back to the gym thing...

I NEED TO GET IN SHAPE. And this isn't a New Years Resolution (I think those are overrated and doomed to fail), it is a GOAL.

Anyone interested in starting a little group with me so we can all report and be accountable to each other???

Leave a note, send me an email, let me know and I will start a blog!

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