Gingerly Lizzy

2001-10-22 - 4:20 p.m.

YEEEAAAHHH! I got a new computer. Well, my office did actually but it is mine and boy is it ever slick! I don't know all that much technical stuff about computers but it is a Gateway 500 PC, 1.5GHz with a Analog/ Digital LCD display- THIN MONITER! Yeah... It is cool. I feel like a high tech girl now! Bring on the Matrix! OK, I am a dork... yeah I know.

So, the weekend. Well, why the heck are they so short now? It must be because I have a darling husband that I want to spend all of my time with. It was pretty boring and uneventful. Wow, I must say, the married life sure doesn't bring much weekend night excitement with it. Unless you consider grocery shopping on a Saturday night exciting. Yuck.

BUT, one great thing is that I finally finished all of the wedding thank yous. This was no easy task. This was the one and only time when I wished that we hadn't gotten so much...

This task took me over two weeks to complete. First of all, I feel a strong sense of moral duty to make each and every one of the thank yous meaningful and personal. Afterall HALF of the people that gave me gifts I don't even remember. So you end up with thankyou's that sound something like this...

"Dear Uncle Horace and Aunt Ethel,

Thank you so much for the pooper scooper. We don't as of yet have a dog but I am sure that it will come in handy when David gets overly excited. It was so good to see you again (had I ever seen them before?), I hope that you are all in good health and once again, Thank you for your generosity. May God Bless You. (Thank goodness for this phrase)


Liz and David ______"


"Dear Juniper and Dirk,

We are so glad that you could share such a special day with us (were they even there?) It was so thoughtful of you to give us that shoe latch and epoxy stick. I am sure there will be many things that we will find need epoxy-ing as we set up our home. What a genious gift! We hope to see you in the faaarrrr distant future,

Much Love, Liz and Dave ______

See what I mean? It really takes more skill than one would think...

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