Gingerly Lizzy

Skirts with Hairy Legs
2001-10-31 - 2:33 p.m.

C'est l'alloween, HEY, c'est l'alloween, HEY!

Can you believe we used to sing that song in french class when I was in gradeschool? How pathetic is that.

Well, I am at work, and legally looking like a freak in my blue wig and glittery clown makeup... (Yeah I know what you are thinking... how original)

Well I was going to be a bee this year again, but I couldn't find my costume.

Last night Dave and I went through my closet to find some clothes that MIGHT fit him...

We found this crazy black and white skirt and a green t-shirt. IT was the only one I didn't mind sparing. We had to shred the sleeves a la Britney Spears style because he looked like the incredible hulk ripping out of the shirt (my honey has been frequenting the gym lately...yeah!)

It was SOOOO funny. Seriously I was about thisclose to peeing my pants I was laughing so hard. I no longer had use of my legs.

The skirt was so tight, it even bulged a little in the front but I don't think he could tell. I can't wait until tonight when I get to whip out the makeup and fake nails on him as well...

This will be one of the best days of my LIFE!

Hopefully I will be able to get at least a few friends to show up though...

Newly married couples are REALLY, REALLY good a flaking out on you.

Well, sorry this is such a shorty.


Dizzy-booh scary!-Lizzy

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