Gingerly Lizzy

2001-11-30 - 8:39 a.m.

So the dinner was okay.

I was in a rush, I didn't have enough onions so I pleaded with Dave and he went and fetched them for me. And then I added an ENTIRE package of sour cream to the recipe.


It only called for 1 cup.

I ALWAYS DO THAT! I was so upset. IT definately did not even taste close to right. I ran in the bedroom, threw myself down onto the bed and began to wet our duvet with my frustrated tears.

Dave came in to comfort me and I could hear him laughing a little bit to himself about how upset I was about it. He told me it would turn out okay, suggested that I just double the recipe...etc.

I was running out of time, wasn't near to being done and I just wanted everything to be perfect.

It turned out okay after all. It tasted pretty good, Dave helped me straighten up the apartment and his parents soon arrived with a dozen red and white roses... for me.

I truly love his parents. They wouldn't have cared it dinner didn't taste perfect, they would have laughed along with us.

We spent a couple hours eating and laughing, enjoying each others company. It was fun. I know that In-laws and fun don't usually go into the same sentence but it was fun all the same.

When we saw them out around 9:30 pm, the snow had been falling for most of the day and was, but now softly and in big, crisp flakes. It was so beautiful. The sky was almost a greyish shade of periwinkle blue against the reflecting moonlight from the snow, and it seemed so quiet.

So beautiful.

Dave and I stood there on the doorstep holding each other to keep warm and just marvelled at it all.

I am grateful for that night.

It is snowing outside, still. Dave has to go up to Park City to work today. The roads in the canyon will be treacherous and I am worried...

Tonight we are going to a surprise party for one of our friends. His wife is throwing it for him. That should be fun, although I am still not used to all of the "married couple" activities.

Tommorrow we are going Christmas Tree shopping. I am excited for that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. If it is snowing where you are, try and get out and make a snowman or snow angels or something. Sounds cheesy but it is truly therapeutic to regress every now and then!

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