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Dreamland? What is that?
2001-12-28 - 11:51 a.m.

Friday- What a great day!

Four day weekend...

1/2 the day off!!! YEAH! Thanks Karl!

Going Snowboarding in a couple hours... AFTER MY HUGE NAP!

Andrea's in town...

I am wearing my ultra sweet new pink Hurley Long Sleeved T that I LOOOOVVVEEE!

PAYDAY!!! (too bad it all goes to rent... oh well, can't win em' all...)

So I am super tired today. Why you ask? Well it just MIGHT have something to do with the fact that my husband has a cold and is all congested and spent most of the night snoring LOUDLY. Yeah, so about 3am I started to have a temper tantrum... or at least that is what Dave tells me. I don't remember much except for physically forcing him onto his side,(he doesn't snore when he sleeps on his shoulder),... hard.

You have to realize that I am NOT one who likes to be woken up or have their sleep disturbed- WAIT- sleep, what sleep! You mean that ten minutes when Dave actually rolled over on his side?

And I tried to go to bed early. Yeah right.

Why didn't you just go sleep on the couch Liz?

Well that is an easy one. Perhaps it is because sometimes when I sit on that couch BIG FAT SPIDERS have a habit of coming to sit down beside me like I am little Miss Muffet or something... sometimes they sit on my head and crawl down my face. And since I have a major case of arachnaphobia... it don't like it very much.

Needless to say, the couch is NOT an option, unless I want to lie there slapping myself in the face all night.

So then I was thinking about my car... wayyyy to cold. I would rather suffer in the bed.

So today, actually this morning after I gave Dave a wonderfully loud and disgusting rendition of his snore, I told him to go sleep at his parents house tonight so that I don't go crazy.

So now he is mad at me.

You can see what a major lack of sleep does to me.

You know what I miss about being single? Having my own dang bed.

Not having an elbow poke me hard in the eye at 2a.m.

Having more than 2 milimeters of space on either side of me at any given moment in the night.

Having covers and more than a corner of the pillow...

Not being awoken by a man jumping up and screaming "the basket fell over" at the top of his lungs while simultaneously giving me a heart-attack.

Not having the doorbell rung at 2am, 3am, 4am by some dumb guy friends of Dave's who have nothing better to do with their time then stalk a newly married coupld sending them to cautiously peer out of the venetian blinds ready to attack the "gang members".

Not having the equivalent of a broiler tucked in beside you so that you spend all night sweating, but yet are unable to turn up the heat to make it possible to crawl out of the covers without freezing, because the it is "too warm" for him.

Being able to have sexy dreams about Brad Pitt while yelling out his name... that could get me in trouble...

The absense of picky sandpaper like skin rubbed across my sensitive cheek "GRAB THE BANDAIDS I THINK I JUST LOST A LAYER!"

The funny thing is... if Dave wasn't there, I don't think I would be able to sleep at all...

How very ironic.

Dizzy-Fatigued- Lizzy

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