Gingerly Lizzy

2002-01-10 - 9:13 a.m.

Good Morning Everyone!

Well another day in paradise...


So last night, I came home to find that I got ANOTHER victoria secret bill in the mail...

Here is the story. I cancelled my card back in MAY with a balance of $00000000. I cut up the card. FINITO.

And last week I get a statement and bill saying that I have a balance of $58 !!! And that is with the late charge and it is overdue. So I call, and tell them that is wrong... and cancel it all...

So last night I get a notice saying that they reported my diliquency to the CREDIT BUREAU and it will go on my credit record. Oooooh I was mad! So I called the number (which was a long distance number!) had to wait for ten dang minutes before I got to speak with an actual person and then ten more minutes while he got his superior because this was "over his head!"

When she came on... needless to say, I was a LITTLE ticked.

I explained in a not too calm manner about my call LAST week and why I was so upset. She said I was being charged for magazines... Hmph. $58???? And why was I then billed 7 months LATER!

and besides... I never agreed to pay for ANY magazines.

So she is fixing it. She BETTER fix it cause I have her name and extension number and VICTORIA WON'T BE ABLE TO TELL SECRETS WITH THE SIZE OF THE BUSTED LIP THAT I AM GOING TO GIVE HER!

okay. *breath*. I am better now and back to my sweet self.

Last night Dave and I went to the institute building to sign up for a night class...

Went to Ricardo's for some glorious FREE Mexican food and then to his house to do laundry and so I could give him a haircut. He swears that it keeps getting shorter... it is all part of the plan my dear! Next time I will shave it so I won't have to cut it for a month! YEAHHHH!

No I won't. Dave's head is too square to be bald. I am serious... check out the pic!

Tonight I am going to a hip hop dance class and can't wait... I need to get my GROOOOOVE on.

I hope all y'all do the same!

oh- one last thing... everyone go check out Allybaba's diary and leave her a nice note! YEAH I LINKED!!! oh, and twiggle called me "silly pants!" tee hee hee! I love that girl!

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