Gingerly Lizzy

Psycho killers and Gummies
2002-01-14 - 9:29 a.m.

Good Monday all...

Good + Monday- I know, it is wrong for them to be in the same sentence.

So, my weekend was... fun.

Friday night Dave and I had the big date with Janelle and Kirk, Logan and Natalie. Natalie seems like a nice girl- she is from Michigan, actually the Detroit area so we had lots to talk about. Janelle and Kirk seemed to get along pretty well... I just hope he gets up the guts to call her. He is such a nice guy and good looking too... just sccccaaarrreeeddd!

We went to Chilis where I had a good steak and then to Johnny B's where we saw the worst hypnotist ever. Seriously, EVERY single person on that stage was totally aware of what was going on and acting bigtime. And the acting was not even good acting. This resulted in very few laughs from me and I was actually even bored at some points. Janelle agreed with me on the fakeness factor but log and Dave where eating it up. Until we pointed out a few things like:

a: People on the stage were so busy thinking about what they were going to do next they weren't even listening to the hypnotists instructions and were messing up all of his tricks...

b: laughing after each "task" is definitely a sign that there was no voodoo involved here.

c: People would sporadically wake up (they weren't listening once again) and once they woke up a look of "oops, everyone else is sleeping, I will just sit here with a blank stare on my face for a little while and then colapse onto the floor"

d: Hypnotized people don't make things up themselves do they... Theses guys felt like they had to steal the spotlight at every moment.

It was so dumb. I managed to help Dave see the light.

It isn't that I don't believe in it, I have seen it work before for smokers, and on friends.

That was just the worst display I have ever seen.

What a waste of cash. Oh well, it was fun to hear Dave laugh for a couple hours.

Saturday, he went to work for awhile, I cleaned the house and wiped down the walls (does anyone know of any good SMOKELESS candles?), we grocery shopped and I made dinner for Dave, Kirk and Logan. It was me and the boys tonight! Dinner was good if I do say so myself- perfect parsley potatoes, apricot glazed ham, corn, homemade rolls and a lemon cream pie that didn't set for dessert. Besides the pie, everything else turned out great and I came off as a regular Betty Crocker.

We headed to the dollar movies to see K-PAX, but not before stopping at food-4-less to stock up on gummies. Logan had like a 5 lb bag! We were all laughing about that. The movie was really good. Michael was there (the guy I thought I was in love with when I met Dave), I pretended not to see him, he pretended not to see us. It worked out well.

Sunday consisted of church and... well lots of good sleep.

Today my goal is to make my doctors appointment. I have been having these serious aches in my left hip region. Like where my ovaries are... I think?

It comes and goes during the day and is stronger at some points than others. The scary part is that it has lasted for over a month now.

I know, I know you are saying:

"Well why haven't you gone to get it checked out before now?"

Well, because I hate going to the doctors and my theory is usually to wait it out and it will go away. Well, I am a little worried so I need to go.

Anyone ever experience anything like this before? I guess I am the type of person that would rather be sick and not know about it...

Anyway, Ally, I had a dream about you. I will have to email you about it... it was funny but great to spend some time with you!

I love dreams, you can do things that the normal limits of life won't allow. I just don't like it when a psycho serial killer is stabbing my family members. Those aren't the fun ones are they!


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