Gingerly Lizzy

Milk that Mickey
2002-01-23 - 8:52 a.m.

So, Ceri isn't here. And it looks like she isn't going to be here for another three or four weeks. And she was SUPPOSED to go to the MTC tomorrow.

Ohhhh man, this is not good. It turns out that she got stopped by immigration in Chicago last night and she does need a VISA even though she is only going to be in the country for a couple months. Ask me why and I couldn't tell yah. That is screwed up and she SHOULDN'T need a visa. Anyway, they were pretty nice I guess because they could have arrested her on immigration charges but instead they turned around and shipped her back to Scottland. What a waste of an expensive plane ticket. I know she is NOT a happy camper right now...

So last night Dave and I had our institute class and it was so great. The teacher is so interesting and tells a lot of stories... which I love. We are definately going to have good attendance!

It was funny though because some guy who obviously didn't see my ring sat right in front of me and was hitting on me (Dave was parking the car, he let me off so I could save some seats) Finally I did the REALLY obvious ring flash and he turned around. And then when Dave came in, I could see him gulping and glancing sideways at him. It was kind of funny, and he was young.

Fashion Faux Pas Moment of the week:

Dave and I stopped in McDonalds and got ice cream on our way home. There was a guy in there who must have been 19-22, pretty good looking but as I was standing there being my observant self, I noticed his grey, polo style shirt had a Mickey Mouse embroidered on the left breast. ACKFLAUGAHHHHHHH! Lets see, I stopped wearing cartoon characters at like 8 years of age! I did have a Mickey Mouse bra once but no one actually SAW it! That MUST have been a DI special. I didn't even think they made those anymore. I think he was trying to be funny, but to the public eye...

Look at me... miss judgemental, yeah I know I am not a fashion plate but I do have some common sense....

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