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The New Apartment! and a lecture to boot!
2002-03-20 - 9:13 a.m.

Guess what????

Dave and I might (that is a big might) be doing the BIG no no...

moving in with his parents.

But it isn't quite what you are thinking. They have a BIG basement that they are going to turn into a seperate apartment. It was framed and wired for an extra apartment from the get go... just never finished. And I guess Dave had this big talk with his dad the other night and his dad was asking if we would be interested in moving into it if they decided to refinish it!

This would be awesome for many reasons:

1) I LOVE my inlaws. Seriously, I was SO lucky. They treat me as one of their own kids, I am completely comfortable to "put my feet up" while I am there, they are such good people.

2)NO RENT!!!! I would insist on giving them something every month (even though they argue about this) but this would mean Dave and I would have ALOT of extra money to save/ buy furniture/ pay off medical bills and credit card/ go to school (me!)/ and maybe even sooner than later... start a little family!

3) I could stay at my job and go to nightschool because Dave would go to BYU (if he can get in).

4) We are talking double to size what we are living in now... spotlights built in (which I love), a HUGE living space WITH a fireplace! A HUGE kitchen with TONS of counter space and even room for a little nursery.

5) Access to a washer/ dryer... reason enough!

6) Huge pool in the backyard!!!

I really hope this happens. They still don't know for sure whether or not they can do it... it would be a lot of money. They would have to knock out a wall to build a door leading directly outside, lots of sheetrock and drywall, carpeting, plumbing, appliances and fixtures... we are talking mega bucks. They were thinking of doing it anyway though for our grandparents to live in eventually. I don't want to get my hopes up in case it doesn't happen but if it does... "Heaven, I'm in heaven..."

They guarantee us privacy and they would even insulate the ceiling so it would be a lot more quiet. There are no bedrooms on the main floor anyway so I don't think it would be very loud in the first place.

It can't be much louder than the couple downstairs from us now...

Everyone cross your fingers k?

Tonight I am getting my brows waxed- OUCH. This means they swell up and turn purple and I have a ton of errands to run afterwards so this should be fun!


You can tell I am fond of countdowns cant you!

We went to institute last night and it was the BEST lesson. That teacher is seriously good and soooo funny. He was talking about how some people have the attitude that trying something once is okay... and he told us that 12,000 (or something like that) people in America try coccaine every day. HALF of those people end up getting addicted to it. He mentioned how some people just can't see the big picture and how their actions will affect their futures.

Wow, I was totally blown away. That means that there would be a 50% chance that you would get addicted to that. I am sorry... but that is one chance that I would never be willing to take. People just don't realize that they are playing russian roulette with their lives when they experiment. How do you know you won't be one of those people who can't handle it and become addicted... or only do it once.

I am not saying that I have not done stupid things in my life... I am definitely guilty of that one... but I have managed to make a lot of positive changes and it really has set me free. And God has blessed my life tremendously because of it.

I worry a lot less, I deal with my emotional problems ALOT better, and I am a much happier person.

One analogy the teacher used was that of making candles. How in the old days you used to have to dip the string in the hot wax, let it dry, dip it again, let it dry and so on... until it was hardened.

That could be us, we make mistakes and instead of trying to fix them or not doing them again, we think "oh well, I already did that" and we do them again, and again and make new ones...each time adding on another layer until we are completely hardened, and we can't even see that we are doing anything wrong.

So interesting... I guess just something to think about. You may agree, you may disagree, but just try and look at the big picture.

One of my favorite quotes is "life is what you make of it."

Lets make our lives great... something that we will look back on and be proud of. This life is just too short to waste.

Yeah... I know, I am getting all philosophical on you... it has to happen every once in awhile!

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