Gingerly Lizzy

Problems resolved
2002-03-21 - 4:23 p.m.

Update on the drama (which I hate!)

So the person who "was" the offender and I talked. She has a lot of misconceptions about my religion. She apologized, I accepted, we are friends now... yeeeahhh! I think we both learned from this experience. She learned to be more open minded about it, not so judgemental about the religion as a whole (I think...) I learned that it is better to converse than to attack, it doesn't get anyone anywhere... and to stick up for what I believe in more readily.

I need to learn how to control my temper for sure.

This is what makes life good people!



I am happy now, I am sorry that she is sad.

Anyway, tonight Dave and I have sooo much to do...

I am going to cut his hair, REALLY, REALLY SHORT... don't tell him though or he won't let me near it. I hate doing it and the shorter I cut it, the more time goes by before I need to do it again!

We also have laundry and should probably think about packing.

Tommorrow is our six month anniversary. We are going to dinner at some new italian place (italian...mmmmm), and then probably come home and pack and get ready for CANADA!!!

Homeward bound... the best way to be!

G'Night All!

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