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2002-04-03 - 9:39 a.m.

Happy Hump Day!

This day is crawling by already and it is only 9:40 am. Boy was I ever crabby this morning. Seriously. Dave was getting on my nerves, my hair was getting on my nerves, I had nothing to wear, my shoes... uggggg...

Crabby Lizzy, crabby Lizzy.

Dave played basketball last night with his buddies. That means he was gone until around 10:30pm. We got into a big fight about it because we had a class, he was going to leave early and drive all the way out of the way to take me home before he went to basketball. I told him that I would just take a book or watch but he gave me every excuse in the book of why he didn't want me to go.

INSTEAD OF JUST TELLING ME THE TRUTH- which was that he just wanted a night out with the guys and since he hasn't played with them all in a long time, and hasn't really seen them since we got married, he kind of wanted to just go by himself for the first time... you know male bonding crap.

He also told me that he was embarrassed because he hasn't played for so long and he needs to get his game back. He didn't want me to watch him blunder.

I think that excuse was a crock.

So yeah, instead of telling me the real reason, he told me like five which means of course that he was lying, which made me think that he was embarrassed to bring me or didn't want me around...

Let me explain something to all of you... if you are asking for an answer, and instead of one, you get three or four or more, then you know the person feeding you with them is LYING. You are hearing crap. All questions if answered honestly can be answered with one or two reasons, if there are more, the person is struggling.

I learned this in dating relationships too... So, I am going to interpret.

Question: Why are we breaking up?

Answer: I am just to busy with work and school to keep up with the relationship right now... the distance is just too much, I still love you, I just don't know what I want. I'm not good for your right now. The distance is just getting to me. Lets put things on hold for ahwhile. (Girls, always remember, there is NO LAYAWAY PLAN in love, you are not a K-Mart, if someone says that, you better dump their butts faster you would run from an avalanche. That just means they have spied something cuter and want to keep you waiting in case it doesn't work out)

THE REAL REASON: I am just sick of you and don't like you anymore.

The problem with multiple answers to potentially dangerous questions is that if I am handed that, I immediately get defensive because 1) this person thinks I must be stupid and naive to not see through their obvious lies... 2) The real answer must be pretty bad if they have to lie about it.

Now I admit that I overeacted and carried the fight on too long (I was still mad when he got home) and I also know that Dave would never intentionally hurt my feelings but still...


That is all I can say.

I hate lies.

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