Gingerly Lizzy

Sharks with legs...
2002-04-17 - 8:16 a.m.

I have the sneezes butthey won't come out. I really hate that.

I am tired. I had the worst dream last night that I got attacked by a shark that could climb trees! I climbed a tree to escape it but it came up after me. My weapon of choice? A fork. Don't ask...

My brother Adam fought it too... but he lost both of his arms and legs. So I was crying and really upset because my brother didn't have any arms and legs.

Then I was in England somewhere fighting and air war. All the planes crashed and everyone died but me and this english girl. And then she had to go to school so she was telling me how to take the buses to her home but I didn't know where I was so I was scared of getting lost.

As you can see... it wasn't a really restful night. And you can also see that I am most likely out of my mind.

Dave and I are having a "Ben might die so lets all watch Felicity together" party tonight. His sisters are coming and we are making treats. I think his sister H* is mad at us. She always acts like she is when we are around and then the other day, Dave asked her what her problem is and she said "because you are so friendly" (sarcastically). So maybe she is mad at us because she doesn't think we are friendly? But this doesn't make any sense because I REALLY TRY HARD to be friendly with her. I ask her questions (less lately due to the fact that I think she HATES ME!) about her life which are usually answered with a yes or no and very little more, I always say hi... I don't understand it... I try hard to be friendly with this girl and feel like she NEVER responds and she is mad at us because we are unfriendly????? She is a grudge holder too so I am a little worried about this... especially if she is going to make up things to get mad at us about.

I think we will have to talk to her about it. She always seems like she is in a foul mood when we go over there anyway...

I don't know... I love the girl but I just don't know...

This is the problem with in-laws... you have to tip-toe delicately around them in most situations. It is like there is a rule- if you are an in-law, you need to easily take offense at everything and stay mad for a long, long time.

Dave's family is great though... I am not complaining. I can imagine how some people have it! Ug!

So maybe by tomorrow I will have an answer to one of these great questions of life.

I wish I could take a nap, right now....

I am so bored.

Hey if anyone is interested in chatting later, let me know. It will help pass the time!

Canadianism of the Day:


A Canadian whose first language is neither French nor English, but who prefers English to French. A visitor cites this example: someone who "speaks Arabic and English, mother tongue is Arabic, speaks Arabic to the spouse, English to the rude government employee." I believe this term isn't used much unless it's referring to the language differences in Quebec.


A Canadian whose first language is English.


A Canadian whose first language is French.

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