Gingerly Lizzy

Nothing much!
2002-04-19 - 11:25 a.m.

My Boss is in the hospital today. I love my Boss... he is like a surogate grandpa. He has heart issues and I am just hoping that I will NOT have to perform CPR on him one of these days...

I think he is okay now... and that makes me happy.

Today is Friday thank goodness. Dave is coming to have lunch with me soon... fast food. Bad for the hips but tastes great on the lips.

We are supposed to go to a barbeque on Saturday night... I hope it doesn't rain.

I wish I had something interesting to write about, but I don't.

feeling kind of blah.

Someone tell Dave to quit farting in his sleep.HAH!

Dizzy-glad it's the weekend- Lizzy

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