Gingerly Lizzy

Sneeze, sniff, hack, cough.
2002-05-06 - 8:46 a.m.

So I think my "cold" has turned into Laryngistis (sp?) My voice is pretty much non-existant and my caugh has turned into "hacking-up-a-lung". So, yeah, it was pretty much beautiful all weekend but did I get to spend some fun in the sun? Nope. Because I was trying to "get better", something I think my body has forgotten how to do. I am back at work with half a voice trying to answer the phones sounding like an idiot. Oh what a wonderful Monday this will be.

I have invested enough money in halls, robitussin, tylenol cold and flu and a state of the art vaporizer; I swear I could start my own medical supplies store with all the stuff left over from my surgery and this.

And Robitussin- don't even get me started. It takes me like 15 minutes just to psych myself up enough to actually throw it as fast as I can down the throat and then another 15 minutes just to convince my stomach that it does NOT want to throw up everything I have ingested in the past 24 hours.

That is pure torture. Seriously. Between "taking-the-cough-medicine" procedure and actual coughing, I think I got like maybe 3 minutes of sleep last night.

So yeah, happy Monday to you to!

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