Gingerly Lizzy

Be scared, be very scared.
2002-05-08 - 8:42 a.m.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to put on eyeshadow with permanent marker and then Dave bumped my elbow and I drew all over my face... I was so mad at him! But then he had it all over his hands and got it on my favorite shirt, our couch, our couch pillows, I was so mad. It was dark purple too.

Then I discovered this alien like growth on the bottom of my left foot. It was like purpley brains and these spotted fleshy pouches with tubes sucking something out of my foot. They were huge and I couldn't believe that I never felt them when I walked. I pulled them off really slowly and they didn't really hurt at all but I was really scared. I showed Dave and he said they were warts and then I was mad at him because there was no way they were warts...

How freakin weird were those dreams???

No more mexican food that late at night or else I am gonna have to commit myself.

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