Gingerly Lizzy

Miss Small World After All?
2002-05-30 - 11:41 a.m.

I just finished typing 10 resumes... go me.

I was re-reading some of my older diary entries and man, I think that I used to be funny! I don't know what happened, it is like I have burned out or something but I want that writing style back. Maybe it is because most of my days just seem so bland now... work, home, work, home. I really need to get on those guitar lessons and start looking into classes.

Last night was pretty uneventful. Dave and I enjoyed some great Mexican food and our favevorite family restaurant! Then it was home where I watched the Miss Universes Pageant.

I have always loved watching those things... even though I kind of hate them at the same time. My grandma is the one who got me into them, she never missed a Miss America pageant and it was kind of a thing that we would do together.

I thought that Miss Russia (the winner) was by far the most beautiful but whatever happened to the talent portions? Or world issues questions? Something to prove that there was actually brains rattling around in the pretty heads?

Now it is all about legs that go on forever (how DO they get such long legs?), and being the skinniest big boobed, float walker out of the top ten.

And what was with that last question? What makes you blush???????????

Ummm, yeah, that will demonstrate as much brain power as a tuft of hair on the barbers floor.

You might as well have taken a bunch of plastic barbies and paraded them around the stage.

All in all, this has given me the impression that Miss Universe is one of the much seedier competitions there is.

And what was the winner from the old survivor doing as a judge?

That is WACK!

My favorite quotes of one of the contestants (Miss Panama maybe?)

"I have what it takes, I am what it takes and I will do WHATEVER it takes to be Miss Universe"

Heh heh, Yeah I bet. Lucky judges.


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