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The Wedding, The Hamptons
2002-06-03 - 9:04 a.m.

Well, Bree made the most beautiful bride... the wedding was gorgeous and her new husband cried a lot at the end of the ceremony - sign of a great guy.

The whole day was pretty comical though... after the temple, after pictures, Dave and I went back to the car to change. I discovered a huge blister on my toe from my high heels (my cute black barbie shoes as I like to call them...) and realized there was no way I would be able to dance or let alone WALK in those things that evening.

Dave was about ready to kill me. Especially since the exact same thing happened with every pair of shoes I brought to Las Vegas (I am only willing to suffer for beauty up to a point I guess...).

BUT, once he discovered that he had actually grabbed the wrong pair of pants - ones from wayyy back that actually had REALLY tapered ankles...- he decided to let me get a new pair of shoes and he, a new pair of pants. So we set off and after a stop at the GAP and then payless (nothing better than cheap shoes...) we were set.

Then it was off to get two new tires. We ended up paying a little more than I had hoped but since you could see the tire threads, I think I would have rather shelled out than crashed on the way home from Salt Lake.

We got the the reception early so we sat in the car and talked, had a coat hanger fight and I threatened to douse Dave with my bottled water... no need. In the next second, he had managed to cover himself in my water, which I thought was hilarious and he wasn't too happy about! So we had to wait until he was dry.

The reception was held at Eagle Mountain Country Club that overlooked the entire city of Boutiful and then some. It was beautiful and must have cost a pretty penny. Dave and I went through the line, had a croissant and chocolate covered strawberry and after I was able to fend off Dave's requests to go play a few holes (geesh! this boy has a addiction!) we decided that we were just too tired to stay so we left.

I almost fell asleep on the way home and when I got home I must have been tired because I told Dave he could watch the last half of the Lakers game. ( I HATE sports on tv - unless it is hockey.) I also told him to wake me up for Elimidate but when he crawled into bed waking me up at midnight, I knew that wasn't gonna happen. He used the excuse that I was to peacefully sleeping and he knew how tired I was, I know he probably just didn't want to miss his game but oh well, I was too tired anyway.

Saturday I turned in my wedding pic orders to the photographer - yeah, nine months later! What a procrastinator I am! Then while Dave went to go golf with some buddies from out of town, I decided to redecorate the bedroom and surprise him. I was just sick of the blue, and dark colors and wanted something light and springy. So, after two hours of shopping and two hundred dollars, our bedroom has a new look. And I took pics which I am getting developed today so you can expect some soon!

In the process of hanging the valance I made, I had a knee propped up on the dresser top and it split in the middle! GAHHH! This is really bad because the dresser was actually on loan to us from a good friend who is a carpenter. Luckily, he is a really good friend and got all the materials for free so we don't think he will be too mad. It might even be repairable though... and doesn't look too bad. I felt like a kid who had just colored all over the wall and got caught though...

There was a huge wind and rain storm that sent Dave home early, so I got him for longer during the day than I thought I would.

Sunday little Reese got blessed so we went for that. And then it was off to Dave't to see Jen (his sister) off because she was leaving for her move to Arizona.

So I watched The Hamptons last night and had to laugh... I lived out there for a summer and then some and to see it all over again was too much! And the fact that Lizzie Grubman (I had actually seen her around all the time in town) is on trial for plowing into some bar patrons is hilarious. Way to be a publicist! All I can say is you can probably chalk it up to drinking and driving because everyone does it out there. You would think disgustingly rich people would be smarter than that. But their not, in fact, in many ways they are really dumb and really don't have a clue what is going on... not all of them mind you, just great numbers of them.

And I found it hilarious to watch Christie Brinkley at her daughters birthday party. Why you ask? Well, because, you always see these overly enthusiastic mothers who put on their "perfect mom" faces for their friends and the cameras but as soon as the cameras stop rolling I bet she handed those kids over to the nanny faster than you can blink.

This is a little show all these moms like to put on... meawhile most of their time is spent shopping, decorating, relaxing and socializing. That is about it.

So I just found it funny. If it weren't for good nannies, the Hamptons would be over run with psycho children too.

So that is my input for the day.

Katie Countdown- 5 more days till she comes!

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