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Richard Simmons lives downstairs
2002-06-07 - 8:48 a.m.

Katie is here, Katie is here, la la la la la laaaaaaa!

We picked her up from the bus station last night. It was 12:15 when she finally got in. That had me worried that she got on the wrong bus because she was supposed to get in at 11:30pm.

She had greasy hair and smelled like smoke and unwashed people but that was okay, she got a big hug anyway. I mean, you can't really help it after 40 hours on a bus now can you!

She said she never wants to see a bus again and I really don't blame her.

Now the hunt for a job and an apartment begin. Oh and don't leave out the hot dates!

She looks good, and I am not surprised, we will have to do something fun with her tonight.

I think the downstairs neighbor has taken a liking to me. And also on a sidenote, when Dave and I went to watch I am Sam, alot of those characters reminded us of him. That might help you picture him better.

Back to the liking thing... a few days ago, I was on the phone with Tina and I heard the doorbell ring. Now I wasn't expecting anyone and I know that if the doorbell rings, it is usually him. Not wanting to interrupt our conversation to be yelled at for taking another welcome sign off his door, I didn't get it. I heard Dave get home and come up the stairs later and the neighbor stopped him halfway. I guess he had heard a loud noise and thought that I fell down so he had come up to check on me and see if I was okay! He told Dave to "make sure to make sure she is okay"... how funny is that! How sweet is that!

Then a day or so ago, the doorbell rings while Dave and I are watching TV and sure enough it is him. He ducks his head low through the door and looks at me where I am sitting on the couch and says:

"I just wanted to tell you that I am doing excersize. I am going to excersize. I hope I don't make too much noise because I need to excersize. I need to excersize to get in shape. I need to excersize to get in shape. I won't excersize at 11:00 o'clock or anything but I am going to jump around a little to excersize to get in shape and I just wanted to let you know. I got a videotape that I excersize. Richard Simmons. The videotape is Richard Simmons, to get in shape so sorry if I make some noise".

It was so funny! Dave kept trying to shut the door because he was going on and on but I was enjoying the conversation and was telling him "good luck" and "that is good that you are getting in shape, I need to too!" and that was spurring him on even more.

The funniest part was that this entire time, he kept his head peeked around the corner of the door looking at me and talking to me, as if Dave wasn't even there.

So, we have come to the conclusion that he hates Dave, and loves me. Dave says Hi to him everytime he passes yet he always gives Dave a super dirty look and doesn't say anything back. I say hi, and he smiles, asks me how I am and sometimes goes off on a tangent about something or other.

Too cute.

ALSO, PLEASE READ THIS. Elizabeth Smart still hasn't been found. This breaks my heart. If you could post this in your diary, that would be great.

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