Gingerly Lizzy

2002-06-17 - 10:03 a.m.


Work is getting me down. It is just so dead and slow lately. Not to mention that I don't have anyone to talk to... just this stupid computer and I am much more of a people person than a technology person. Grrr...

I don't know how much more of this I can take. I seriously think that after Dave and I move into the apartment, I might look at going back to school full time and maybe getting a job as a server or something. I just need to do something!

The only thing that really sucks is that I would lose my benefits and this is a really bad thing considering that Dave and I want to have a baby sometime in the near future.

Well the weekend didn't seem like a four day weekend.

Friday we woke up at the buttcrack of dawn so that I could get to Salt Lake to do Andrea's hair for the wedding. She was a beautiful bride, and it was a great day. I was able to see alot of the guys from Westpoint and Chris kept us laughing throughout the entire luncheon.

Saturday was the reception out in Elk Ridge. Emmie didn't come which I was REALLY disappointed at because I was really looking forward to seeing her. Ang and Lanae were there though and Dave ran into one of his buddies from the Mis. After the reception, we headed to the fireworks in Orem with Chris, Dax and Katie. They were super short but really beautiful. There were a million people and we each ran into someone from the past. We hit up taco bell for some late night grub where Chris told this little girl that he had a cat in his pants. It was the only phrase he knew in Spanish and I think he scared her half to death! He is such a funny guy! Katie and I just laughed the entire time we were with them!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Katie and I called and sang to Dad and talked to him awhile. We headed over to Dave's a little later and watched Bill Cosby Himself that Dad W* got from Heather for father's day. It was hilarious.

And today, back at work, wanting to kill myself.

Andrea is supposed to call today and we might meet up for dinner. They are heading on a cruise in July for a late honeymoon so they will be around for a little while. She better call!

Dave has been so cute lately! So snuggly and sweet. I am falling in love with him all over again.

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