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Career -whuh?
2002-07-15 - 9:00 a.m.

Wow - you know sometimes I just really love my job. They opened a new division, which of course needed a name. The one that they had picked out was horrendous, so the boss and I brainstormed and came up with a list. Low and behold, they are choosing one of the names that I came up with. That is kind of neat... that I will have named something worthwhile.

In the tele-conference this morning, they congratulated us and let us know that there would be a check coming in the mail. Probably not a big check but still a check. Sounds good to me. I also was sung a funny rendition of "Happy Birthday" since (and yes I will toot my own horn here) tomorrow is my 23 BIRTHDAY!

I am really curious to see what David has planned for me. You see, he owes me. Last November for his birthday, I went all out... the nicest room at a really romantic bed and breakfast, dinner and a movie, and spoiled him rotten! ... And yesterday, during dinner with his parents, I was teasing him about how he would probably just plan something today (hey, I don't mind nudging a little bit!) and his dad said that he had actually mentioned what he would do a few weeks ago. So I am anticipating something good.

I still enjoy birthday's and all that come with them. I guess I am like a little kid in that way. Yey for me. Woe be the day that I don't take joy in the little events in life just because I feel too "grown-up" for them.

This weekend was fun, and normal. We saw reign of (fire or terror?) on Friday. Not bad but not great either. I had to laugh at the whole, "big bad American kicking the Britt's butt" though... Geesh.

Saturday we were supposed to head up to Logan to visit Matt and Jamie but they ended up postponing our trip until this weekend, so we headed to Park City instead where Dave got some new basketball shoes and I spent some of my birthday money from Grams.

We met up with L*, J* and K* and had dinner with them at this little place called Burgies that had great fish and chips but TERRIBLE service (they waitress combined our bill without asking and then made us divide if after we waitied for her for like 20 minutes while she talked with friends!).

Sunday was church and dinner and it was a nice day.

I don't know what it is though... lately I have been getting the WORST headaches. I woke up with a migraine on Sunday at like 3am. Bad enough to make me cry and take a perscription strength motrin. David was a darling and rubbed my head for like a half hour to help me fall back asleep. I think I am going to have to make a Dr.s appt and NO for all of you wondering, I am NOT pregnant. This I know for sure!

It is funny but I really am turning into quite the snuggler. It used to be that I couldn't stand any part of Dave touching me in order for me to fall asleep. Now I can't fall asleep if some part of him is NOT touching me. He is the only husband I know who thanks their wife in the morning for waking them up several times during the night by snuggling up to them.

I am also proud of myself because I went to the gym for the first time in a while on Saturday and really gave my arms a workout. And I have my stuff with me today to do the same... need some motivation here guys so if you ever hear me not mention it, kick my butt okay?

Well, happy Monday all!


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