Gingerly Lizzy

2002-07-30 - 9:02 a.m.

Goldmember was pretty dang crass but I have to admit, I laughed pretty hard the entire time. A funny movie to see once...

David and I had tacos for dinner. From one of those taco bell kits that you just have to add meat and condiments etc. Dave loves them to bits so we usually make one a week.

Anyway, here I was browning the meat and the thing I hate most about this whole process is breaking it up into little bits in pieces. Unless the meat is incredibly dry, this isn't the easiest thing to do. Especially with the piece-of-junk spatula that I was trying to use.

I tried a fork, too small, didn't work very well and was scratching up my pan.

So then I had this brilliant idea and grabbed the pastry cutter. So here I am, mashing this thing into the meat and besides it kind of getting stuck a little, it was working pretty well and I was feeling quite resourceful.

Well, the balance shifted and the frying pan flipped up spilling meat and hot grease all over my nice clean kitchen and nice clean shirt.

GAH!!! That is the end of that shirt. Luckily I was able to save most of the meat since it landed on the nice clean counter tops and stove top.

One day I want to hold a taco eating contest with Dave. He can seriously put those things down.

Dave and I watched like ten minutes of a Ricky Lake show yesterday, it was on slobs. I couldn't believe how some of those people lived. The best part was, this lady who had KIDS who was a stay at home mom. She says "well if my husband won't clean than I aint gonna clean" and he is like "well that is your job! I am at work all day!" and she is like "that don't matter!"

And I had to laugh because this woman was a pig and her children were probably going to learn to be pigs too and she has no common sense at all.

My take on this? Well, if your husband goes to work 8+ hours a day and you CHOOSE to be a stay at home mom, then your job is homemaking. PERIOD. If he is breaking his back and sweating to bring home the bacon then your job is to make sure the frying pan is clean.

This doesn't mean that he shouldn't take out the garbage once and awhile or help with the kids (kids are SHARED RESPONSIBILITY) but if you aren't working away from home, you should be working in the home. He buys the groceries, you cook them.

This isn't a warped view here... no one gets a free ride... he works for the money and so should she. Not sit on the couch all day and watch trash tv like Ricky Lake.

So There.

Now see with Dave and I, He works full time and so do I, so we split the housework 50/50. Although I usually do most of it because I am female and pickier about dirt and also kind of like doing things my way.


Anyway enough of the TAO of LIZ. Katie and I are going to lunch and I am excited because I haven't seen her in like two weeks... darn those social single people!


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