Gingerly Lizzy

So tired... 3am gives me complaint syndrome.
2002-08-12 - 4:33 p.m.

Wow, second entry today. I am on a roll. You know that I really just say things like that so that you will all go back and read my first entry of the day which talks about MY AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN VEGAS THIS WEEKEND. Because you need to. It is healthy to be insanely jealous of me.

I am so tired of: being bored at work, paying bills, credit card debt, eating, shirts that don't stay where they are supposed to, driving in a car without air conditioning, the garbage disposal stinking up the apartment no matter how many times we clean it out with heavy duty cleaners, my nails peeling, the way my thighs look while sitting down, wanting new things, this stupid bruise on my arm from where they drew blood that WON'T GO AWAY, my hair, the missing hubcap on my car, turning my engagment and wedding rings to face the right way, utah drivers, not having any motivation to go to the gym, those extra fees and taxes on our phone bill, it being almost time to go home but not quite, talking with friends who used to be close and having a hard time finding things to talk about, returning phone calls, waiting for the apartment to be done and my lips needing like a pound of chapstick a day or else burning and turning into something that closely resembles dry, srivelled prunes.

Oh yeah, and running errands. And the fact that I forgot to get dishwasher detergent at the grocery store and that a gallon of milk we just bought on SATURDAY NIGHT is gone.

I am not tired of: eating gorps, watching Lord of the Rings, taking naps, hearing about Katies dating life, and updating my diary. Oh, and of course DAVID.

The list seems a little lopsided doesn't it?

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