Gingerly Lizzy

A Great Wealth
2002-09-23 - 8:40 a.m.

Friday was sleeping, trying to get better, a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster, a beautiful new watch as my anniversary present and seeing "The Four Feathers" which was long, but enjoyable.


Saturday was snuggling in bed and tickle torture, breakfast of horrible pancakes and bacon, packing and heading out the the Uintas for a night under the stars.

We drove around forever trying to locate a campground that wasn't closed. The sights were beautiful, the music eclectic, and the company, well, with my lover at my side I wore a smile the whole way.

We finally found one that wasn't closed and a perfect little spot where the river ran right next to, creating that relaxing "water rushing over rocks" sound.

We set up camp, shooed away the bees, grilled our steaks, hunted for wood, held hands, crossed the river on slippery stones, started a fire, kissed, talked of the past, threw things into the fire to watch them burn, told funny scary stories, slow danced and laughed at how cheesy we were, watched the moon rise in just five minutes over and out from behind the shadow of a mountain, and slowly illuminate the river, exchanged "I love you's", went to bed... and created heat in spite of the chilling air.

It was lovely and wonderful and just what we needed.

Until I tried to fall asleep, and couldn't. We had forgotten water and my throat was dry and itchy and sore and the air was cold and biting on my face but if I hid it under the blankets I couldn't breathe.

So around what I thought must have been five a.m. (I had been lying awake the whole time listening to Dave snore and scaring myself to death every time a tree branch scratched at the side of the tent), Dave had to pee, and I told him to check the time... it was 3 a.m. and I was going to cry... tired and dehydrated and my bliss at an end. And do you know how much Dave loves me? How sweet he is?

I only had to ask him once and at 3 a.m. we packed up the truck and started the hour drive back home so that I could actually get some sleep and perhaps not make myself even more ill.

We saw deer prancing about under the full moon, and luckily, didn't hit any. We looked for the big wooden bear with it's hand covering its crotch with the sign that read "Big Bear Nudist Colony". We listened to the radio, marvelled at the lights of park city in the distance and enjoyed each others company at 4 a.m. in the morning.

Dave got a couple tacos at a 24 hour stop. I don't know how he eats that stuff so late at night. We got home, I kissed the floor and took a wonderfully hot shower, had a piece of toast and a pitcher full of water and then fell into bed, and into love all over again.

And woke up once again to snuggles and kisses and "happy anniversary" and one year of being with my soul mate, and looking forward to an eternity more, and feeling that I had taken too much of the world's share of happiness, but hugging it to me as tightly as I possibly could.

And looking back and wondering how I got here, and what I did to deserve this... the answer being nothing. The answer being all the many things that I have yet to do to to deserve this...

And last night, we ate the top of our wedding cake, which was suprisingly good for having been in a freezer for an entire year, and silently renewed our promise to each other.

His card made me cry. And this year has made me rich beyond belief.

Thank you God.

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