Gingerly Lizzy

2002-10-24 - 9:34 a.m.

Yesterday I made a pit stop to Barnes and Nobles on my way to lunch and picked up a really cool book that had actual pictures of a baby at all stages of pregnancy and even some of the birth... Ug. Remind me NEVER to look at those again. You can say it is beautiful and natural as much as you want. I will agree with the natural but NOT beautiful. Miraculous? Yes. Pretty? No. And really, I know that I can't stop him, but I REALLY, REALLY DON'T WANT DAVE TO WATCH THAT. I can see how that would totally ZAP the passion factor. blegh. My mom says that after you and your husband experience BIRTH together "nothing is sacred" and after seeing those lovely pictures, I can believe it. I think I am just going to get him to look at my face for as much of it as possible.

"Focus honey, FOCUS!"

I also got a journal so that I could start writing to my baby, about the pregnancy, our feelings about becoming parents, our excitement at the thought of welcoming this child into the world. It will be given to my son/daughter when they are old enough to appreciate it. My mom kept a similar journal for me and it is definitely one of the most treasured things that I will someday own. I loved reading about my mothers feelings, so young, so HUMAN. You just tend to think of your mother as MOM and not SHANNON and it really helped me see her in a different light.

Oh the excitement is building and you are all going to get SO SICK of hearing "baby, baby, baby"...

On another note. There is nothing like waking up at 6am due to my very frequent bathroom breaks and coming back to an ultra warm and snuggly husband. Dave is KING OF THE SNUGGLES. I swear to all of you. You have NEVER met a more snuggly man, woman, child than Dave is.

And he is mine, allll mine *evil laughter ensues*

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