Gingerly Lizzy

Thanksgiving Weekend
2002-12-02 - 10:12 a.m.

This morning was not to much fun. I felt horrible when I got out of bed... like I wasn't getting enough oxygen and like I was going to throw up. Made it to the bathroom before I fainted. Luckily, I have done it before so I know what it feels like when it is coming and I can get on the floor before the actual passing out happens.

After a brief faint, I was able to make it to the kitchen where I promptly got some food into me and felt a whole lot better.

I don't think it is anything to worry about. It happens to me from time to time. I will mention it to my doctor on the 20th when we go for the next prenatal just in case.

The weekend was nice, long and very, very relaxing. Didn't do all that much which was exactly what I wanted to do. And I managed to avoid any shopping which is really good since Dave still hasn't found a job and we are SUPER tight on money. I just hope I get a good Christmas bonus this year to help out.

Thursday - We drove up with Dave's family to Portage, the smallest town on earth, and had dinner with my dad-in-law's sister and family. Food was good, drive was long and we got back around 6pm.

Friday - Didn't do too much. Jaime and Matt came over that night, along with Katie and Tropic Boy (who seem to be getting more serious by the minute) and Two of Dave's sisters. We played Cranium which has to be one of the most fun games EVER. Had lots of food and fun conversation. Jaime and Matt were going to stay over but Jaime decided she was too tired and wanted to sleep in her own bed. I was a tad disappointed with that UNTIL the morning when I didn't have to get up to make them breakfast.

I can't stay up late anymore. It screws up my whole sleep schedule if I do. For instance, Friday night we went to bed at 2am and I was DEAD ASLEEP until 1pm. No alarm for me on the weekends. I value my sleep.

So all of Saturday, I just felt tired and lounged around in my pajamas all day.

And most of Sunday.

I DID decorate the apartment for Christmas on Saturday, which was fun. Too bad we only have like five decorationst to put up. I really, really wanted to hit the sales but we just can't afford it this year. And we decided that we aren't going to get a tree since a decent one runs around $70 and we won't be around for most of Christmas anyway. Maybe we can get a little fake one and then our little one can decorate it for their room when they are old enough.

We shall see.

All I konw is, I do not do well with a tight budget. Especially around Christmas time. It has been 1 MONTH since Dave has worked. I am BEYOND frustrated.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

He was so helpful this weekend. He must have emptied and filled up the dishwasher every day and when I came home on Wednesday, he had cleaned the entire apartment.

We got a lot of snuggling time in this weekend. It seems as though we never fight anymore really, not that we did a TON of that before but now it is hardly ever... like we have found our groove or something.


Well, that is all. Too much info for a Monday.

Three more weeks until I will be home and snug in Canada.

Oh Canada, here I come.


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