Gingerly Lizzy

Weak in the knees.
2002-12-03 - 8:46 a.m.

I don't feel right these days. Like any energy I have accumulated during the night is all expended in the act of just getting out of bed. I feel short of breath, weak, tired, down... should I be worried?

And when the alarm clock went off, I heard it, even mini lectured Dave on the benefits of turning if off BEFORE it goes on for longer than two minutes. Then I promptly fell back into a deep sleep... and when I awoke, I couldn't even remember the alarm going off at all... until Dave reminded me of my little lecture.

I dreamt this morning, that I was in one of my highschool classes and everyone was supposed to give a seven minute oral presentation on anyone famous for anything, dead or alive. And I hadn't prepared a lick of it. It was a FINAL so I was pretty scared and trying to remember as many facts of Audrey Hepburns life as I could, making some up along the way.

I awoke and realized it was all a dream, and so gave a sigh of relief and triumph, rolled over to go back to bed when Dave informed me that it was 10 to 8.


Actually, the sound was more along the lines of... "ug,sniff, wha???" rubbing blurry eyes "no way... why didn't you wake me up?"

Not enough energy to actually yell AHHHHHHH.

Yesterday afternoon at work, I was so tired, my head kept bobbing up and down and I even tried to clear a small space on my desk to put my head down and rest but that was uber uncomfortable considering the present state of my abdomen.

I got home, and rested, rested, cooked dinner, rested and so why do I still feel so tired?

I think I need to excersize but just the thought of that makes my limbs go weak.

I read yesterday that the baby is pretty much fully formed now... just has a whole lot of growing to do. It is about the size of my thumb. I rest my thumb against my lower tummy and try to imagine it there, moving about, kicking around but it is so hard. Maybe when I hear it's heartbeat... but I feel more that when I actually FEEL it, it will become real to me.

Dave and I were talking about teenage girls last night... I can't wait to see him as a protective father of teenage girls. I can't wait to see him as a father PERIOD.

A side of him I have never seen. And I know this experience will bring us to a completely new and different level in our love for each other.

And I can't wait.

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