Gingerly Lizzy

Dry Cleaning Fiasco
2002-12-12 - 9:14 a.m.

I played hooky from work yesterday. Hence, no update.

I actually wasn't feeling to well, and so spent the morning in my pajamas and in bed.

It was nice. If only I could get 6 1/2 more months of that.

Dave says he is going to "suprise" me today. I don't know why he tells me he is going to surprise me if it is supposed to be a surprise. He promised me he wouldn't spend any money either so I am wondering what this could be???

betcha he will spend money... the little booger.

For the past couple weeks, I have been trying to think of where I could possibly locate a couple of sweaters of mine that have been missing. One of these is the really expensive one that Dave got me from Banana Republic for my birthday this summer and the other is just one of my favorites. Looking for my wallet, I found a dry cleaning stub. This makes me really nervous because I know it has to have been longer than a month since I last brought those in and guarranteed, one of the young girls that works in there is sporting them by now and if that is the case, and if I go in to pick them up today and they aren't there... I am going to be TICKED. They take your phone number when they take your dry cleaning and you would think that they would give you a call if you didn't come in to pick the stuff up in a reasonable amount of time. So if they aren't there... that is stink worthy right? It just seems weird to me that they wouldn't have called my by now to tell me that my stuff is there...

Better be there... better, better, better!!!

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