Gingerly Lizzy

Go away cold!
2003-01-13 - 9:39 a.m.

I have been hit with a doozy of a cold this weekend. I am pretty darn sure that this is the SAME cold that Dave had last week. Hopefully it won't turn into some awful infection, or last for a month - which always seems to be the case with me.

Needless to say, I didn't do much this weekend at all. Friday night - stayed home. Saturday we went and looked at cribs where Dave ruined the experience by his reaction to the cost (I warned him, but I guess he didn't believe me!). He felt bad about it in the car afterwards seeing how he crushed my excitement with money worries again. We had an excellent time looking at the custest baby clothes at Mom & ME. Everything costs an arm and a leg there but they have the most ADORABLE things I have seen yet.

I can't wait to find out what we are having and start to get everything ready. Say the chant with me now "GIRL! GIRL! GIRL!". Although I guess it is decided by now so my chant won't have any effect.

Saturday around noon, my shoulder started aching the way it had in my left shoulder when I thought this pregnancy was ectopic. This was a LOT worse and lasted LATE, LATE into the night. I was crying with pain my late afternoon and it felt like the worst, never-ending, charlie horse ever. I sometimes get a bad ache in my wrists that was similar to this. A heating pad helped to ease the pain some what but finally, out of deperation, I resorted to taking two extra strength tylenol (even though they are said to be safe, I try to keep away...). That provided some relief but not much.

I felt bad for Dave and didn't want him to be stuck at home. Our friends were heading up to S.L. to see a movie and even though he didn't want to leave me in this state, I insisted that he go.

He came home saying he never wants to go out with me again ;) What a darling man I have.

But back to the pain... has anyone ever experienced anything like this before during pregnancy? I will have to ask the doctor about it this Friday. I hope I don't have arthritis or something...

Sunday, I got hit with the cold full force, ahhh, what a weekend.

There should be a rule, pregnant women do not get sick...ever. Pregnancy is hard enough without colds and strep thrown in to the loop.

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