Gingerly Lizzy

Swimsuit Extravaganza
2003-02-11 - 8:32 a.m.

"TOOOOOOOOMORROW, Tomorrow, we'll see HER, tomorrow... it's only a day away!"

Now that I have that enthusiasm out of the way...

So was anyone else mad that last night didn't reveal what the final events were on Joe Millionaire? Yeah... me too. How boring was that eh?

I got my super cute (choke, gag, cough) maternity swimsuit in the mail from Old Navy. It looks like this:

Yes, it is very plain, but the less attention drawn to my ever growing figure, the better.

Now I just have to find an indoor pool to start swimming in. Maybe if I get lucky, I can find on that has some sort of prenatal excersize class. I found one so far, but it is during the day which rules that out.

I am surprised that for the amount of pregnant women that there is here, there aren't very many good excersize or extra prenatal classes. Kind of dissapointing.

I have a baby shower tonight for Dave's friends wife. This is good for one reason: get some ideas to pass onto my sister for my big event. Bad for another reason: since it is Dave's, friends wife who I have only hung out with a handful of times, I am sure that I will not know ANYONE there.

Poo poo.

At least it gives me a good excuse to go look at darling baby things at Target tonight!


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