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A Room of Pink
2003-03-03 - 9:04 a.m.

Feeling breathless and on the verge of falling asleep this morning. The little guy had a burst of energy and woke me up SEVERAL times with strong, uncomfortable kicks. I told Dave he needs to have a talk with his Kamikaze warrior son about how important my sleep is to me.

Watching a minute of that ridiculous Anna Nicole show was a HUGE mistake last night. I dreamt about her all night. Dreaming about that woman is worse than having nightmares about snakes. I was only too happy that the tiny guy woke me up so that I could start again.

Had these strange pains in my lower abdomen, sorta like a cramp but not really, concentrated on my left side. As soon as I got up and started walking around, they disappeared so I have no idea what that was all about.

I also had a major craving for those tiny cinnamon doughnuts from Wal-Mart. Dave and I polished off and ENTIRE container in two days. BAD, BAD, BAD... oh, and not to mention I have also been craving those cadbury eggs, the ones that look like they have the real yolks inside? My pregnancy update said that the baby is developing its tastebuds which might account for all those sweet cravings. So what accounts for them during the rest of my life?

On the news front... I GOT MY HAIR CUT. It is definitely the shortest it has ever been since I met Dave. Which isn't all that short considering it is just at my shoulders. Dave thinks it is cute, and that I look younger. THAT is not a good thing, considering people always guess me to be a lot younger than I actually am. And being big and pregnant is not one time when I want to feel particularly younger than I am.

It is so nice though... I have never been one to stress about my hair (other than when Tina highlighted it and I looked like a Cheetah!). All I know is it takes half the time to blow-dry and makes a much cuter little ponytail. It is in definite need to some highlights but I am going to wait until I am closer to my due date to take care of that. I feel liberated!

Have you ever grocery shopped at Wal-Mart? After doing that for the first time on Saturday, I will never, ever grocery shop anywhere else again. Extremely low prices, great baked goods and produce and more selection than I have ever seen in any grocery store. Wow! It is worth that extra ten minute drive but I heard yesterday that they are building one really close by, which is exciting. I am excited about grocery shopping... what a sad, sad day this is!

I got the plain white crib bumper from this weekend. Much to my dismay, it was for a PORTABLE CRIB and too small for our crib. It would have helped to have the measurements or some kind of notice about that BEFORE you order it. Now I am going to have to return it. What a waste of money in postage, not to mention I haven't been lucky in finding anything that is plain white except for that. I have a feeling I might end up shelling out the dough .

We did get a crib mattress so now it actually looks like something other than a cage. I just sat on the floor on Friday night after we put it in and imagined what it would be like once the room is ready, and the baby is peacefully sleeping there... Dave poked his head in and laughed at me. He thinks it's cute. I think it is completely normal.

It's already March, and I am now 24 weeks along. 16 more to go. And 110 days.

I remember wondering what it would be like, to be at this stage of life, when I was a little girl. In some ways, I still feel like that same little girl... the one who dreamed of being a ballerina, who's room was definitely a girly PINK, who liked to draw and mourned for a week when her cat died. Who played with Barbie dolls by herself for hours on end and loved to dress up in grandmas flashy gowns. I played with baby dolls a lot as a little girl...

It is hard for me to grasp that this is really happening. That my life has reached this point. In some respects, I feel SO ready, in others ... I still feel like that little girl, dreaming of her future.

But its nice to be in the future now I think. And there is still so much I have to look forward to.

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