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Beautiful Betty
2003-03-04 - 9:04 a.m.

I don't like Tuesdays because:

a) There is still far too many days left in the work week.

b) Dave works late (I miss him!)and I sit at home all alone and go to bed all alone and then he comes home and figits for an hour waking me up.

It is snowing here. Not heavily enough to be scary, but just enough to be pretty and cover everything with a white coating. Yesterday it was warm and sunny and you could walk outside without a jacket on... today it snows. Go figure Utah.

I talked to my mom last night. I am sure I have mentioned before that my grandpa has less than a cordial relationship with his family and wasn't the nicest grandpa to grow up with. But his girlfriend (he and my grams have been seperated for years), well, she is a different story. Attractive and kind, we all just love her.

The thing is, the other day, my mother took her out to lunch because it was her birthday... and she offered (more like insisted) on paying for my moms plane ticket to Utah once the baby is born.

"If I had a daughter having my first grandchild, I would want to be there" - That is what she said.

Now the thing is, plane tickets bought by a Canadian with American money are very expensive. Due to the exchange rate, etc. My family, well... they have everything they need, but when it comes to WANTS - like expensive plane tickets, sometimes, they just don't have the money and this was probably going to be one of those times.

I will still be flying out a month or so after but, still there is nothing that I wanted more than my mom to be here. To see the brand new baby. To give me advice, to help me out. To be here because I know her heart would break if she couldn't.

And now that is going to happen... because my grandpa has really, really good taste in women (I mean hey, look at my grandma!) and because Betty has a heart of gold. And I am going to send her flowers as soon as my mom gets here.

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