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Growing, growing... POP!
2003-03-05 - 8:54 a.m.

I can't believe how fast babies grow. One of my best friends had a baby in June of last year. The last time I saw him, we was still too little to crawl or really talk (and that was only a few months ago) and now he is crawling and standing holding onto things... has some teeth, saying mama...dada, and has quite a little personality. It made me sad to think that they go from a teeny little baby to a toddler in no time. I better make sure to enjoy every day with our little guy.

I registered for the baby at yesterday. I wasn't going to because I have a hard time with that... it just seems so tacky. But everyone was telling me I had better do it because otherwise I will end up with a ton of stuff I don't want, so I broke down.

I also have a problem, a problem with no support group. It is called... EBAY. You see, the problem is that when I bid for something, and someone outbids me, I almost take it as a "haha, I got the better of you" and so of course, the bidding wars are on and I end up bidding a lot more than I was willing to pay in the first place.

I did this with two items yesterday and they both have a day and some left on the auction. I am just kicking myself at my stupidity and hoping that someone else bids on them or I am going to be stuck with: two crib skirts and a whole lot of nursery decor that I am not so sure I want. Not to mention that a bumper and quilt are already on their way to me. *ahem*

I guess if worst comes to worst, I can always turn around and sell it again. But still... From now on, I am setting my maximum and not going past that amount for bidding.

I went to the craft store yesterday and bought some yarn to start knitting a blanket. I also bought a book on HOW to knit. I know the basics but I don't know how to finish anything off.

The wool I got is a lovely blue/green, supersoft and kind of lumpy for a softer effect. The lumpiness makes it look great but man, makes it much harder to knit with. I had to unravel all my work twice yesterday so now I am just trying to take it really, really slowly. I have no idea if I will actually be able to finish it by the time the baby comes, or if it will be the right size but at least it gives me something to do at work, right?

My tummy seems to be growing at an alarming rate. (I know, I know, I am still trying to get those pics). I don't see how all this baby is going to fit in this skin. It already feels tight and ready to burst. I have been applying cocoa butter by the pound and started with a more intense vitamin E oil in hopes of dissuading some of those imminent stretch marks. To tell you the dead honest truth, I think I am more scared of getting stretch marks than I am of labor itself...

I am also getting so tired of the constant noserunning and nosebleeding. Actually, I am getting tired of pregnancy period. My "What to Expect When Your Expecting" book mentions that as one of the "symptoms" of this month. I am definitely there.

108 more days till we meet the little guy.

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