Gingerly Lizzy

A Stroke of Luck
2003-03-10 - 10:40 a.m.


You will have to read my last entry in order to really understand this one, but remember the car fiasco?

Well, Dave was going to call the insurance company to see about fixing it (which we wouldn't have done anyway because of the cost of the deductible) when there was a knock at the door...

David answers door and there stands our neighbor (and very, very close family friends from across the street), did you get my note about your car?

*Dave is freaking out thinking someone hit his car... AGAIN!*

Dave: "No, what note?"

Super Nice Neighbor Lady: "Friday night we were leaving and I was in a hurry and I am sorry but I accidentally backed into your car..."

Dave then explains to her how the note must have come off, we didn't get it, and were freaking out because we thought someone in the Wal-Mart parking lot hit it and took off...

Neighbor lady apologizes again, offers us the use of her car while ours is being fixed (they of course are paying for it)... Dave laughs, politely declines offer of car explaining that we have two and can manage.

So that is that. We are getting the car fixed... for free! YEY! And I don't feel too badly for the neighbor because they are a pretty well off family so it won't put too big a dent in their pocket book.

Not to mention that this actually kind of worked out for the better. The only flaw on Dave's car was a small dent that he acquired in some other parking lot, in that same panel. The newest dent is much bigger but now neither of them matters since the whole panel will be replaced!

*Lizzy apologizes to whoever it was that parked beside them that night in the Wal-Mart parking lot that they cursed under their breath for being dishonest and not knowing how to exit a parking lot when it wasn't their fault in the first place.

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