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Love Is...
2003-03-17 - 9:28 a.m.

Saturday I overdid it. I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom (can you say nesting?), scrubbed every surface, reorganized every space, even changed the bedroom set to our summer one. Ran errands with Katie, put together nightstands/bookshelves, vacuumed with fervor, and put a major kink in my back that manifested itself if screaming, crunching calf pains and Charlie horses in the middle of the night.

I awoke Sunday and announced there was no way this poor little body of mine was going to attempt church. No more repeats of that... I learned my lesson.

This tailbone of mine is driving me over the brink and beyond. I purchased another "special" pillow that is supposed to help and I have come to the conclusion that NOTHING will help. It is TOO skewed to be assisted in any way. Let the hair pulling begin. I am ready to take a hammer to it, out if spite.

Saturday night, Dave and I enjoyed dinner with a couple good friends. Spending time with B's husband makes me appreciate Dave so, so, so much more.

One thing I love about him? His affectionate nature. Even as we are sitting in the restaurant talking across the table to this couple, Dave quietly informs me I am sitting too far away from him, during the dinner, he also take every opportunity to:

Hold my hand

Tickle the back of my neck

Rest his hand on my leg...

He is one in a million, I am telling you.

Oh, and as for the little guy, I think this weekend was his weekend of practicing his EGGBEATERS in my tummy because it felt like there were about three babies in there all kicking at once, at some points. It makes me laugh every time and I think we might have a hyper little guy on our hands!

Dave interviewed for a position as an Orthodontists assistant. How perfect would that be! He gets to experience and see firsthand what his future career might be like, not to mention the place provides benefits... Keep your fingers crossed that he gets a call back.


Love is - Dave giving me the last apple turnover even though it was definitely HIS.

96 more days before my due date!

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