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Baby Gear
2003-04-01 - 8:56 a.m.

I left for the afternoon yesterday. There was no way I was going to sit around work all afternoon to answer the phone TWICE while my back was deciding to spasm for hours.

I went home, laid on the couch and watched tv, laid on the bed and tried to sleep but got bombarded with phone calls. Laid on the couch some more...

Made dinner (did you know that WAL-MART sells perogies that are somewhat decent!!!) and laid around some more and then realized I was totally sick of laying around so Dave and I went to do some baby shopping and get an ice cream cone.

I bought a few more playtex bottles and liners, a really lovely soft blanket that I have wanted for ages, burb cloths, a blue and white gingham crib sheet, and the Fisher Price outdoor bouncer dome thingy wich has a dome over the top that you can zip up, half of which is mesh. I figured it would be perfect to have the baby sleep in there under the tree outside while I do my morning laps in the pool, or if Dave is playing basketball out on the court with his friends or brother, or for whatever. We spend a lot of time outside in the summer and it will be very handy to have to keep the sun and bugs out.

At first Dave didn't see the point in getting it and thought I was being extravagant, but once we put it together, he agrees it will be great to have. And at $34, it wasn't very expensive.

Today my mission is to order a baby bjorn carrier and a boppy on the internet.

I know that some baby's hate the bjorn, but some love it, and I will NOT be a fan of toting around those big old baby carrier/car seats. They are heavy and clunky and I hate things that swing against my legs. So if the little guy agrees, I will wear him everywhere! (of course not in the car). I figure if he hates it, then I will sell it on ebay. Those things go like hotcakes as I have tried to win a bid on like 10 of them now...

I went through my list and there are still quite a few things that we need. I am holding off on getting blankets, bibs, more clothes, toys, toiletries and care items and a few of the big things until AFTER my showers.

But I know I am safe on getting the rest of it ahead of time.

I am thinking about all of this way too much. I dreamt last night that I had quadruplets and I was trying to color code their outfits so I wouldn't get them mixed up. Then I realized I had to get three more of everything so I toted them all in those big clunky carriers to a baby supply store where this psycho old lady tried to make off with one of them, and I almost punched her until I realized that she did it because she had Alzheimers and thought it was her dead child, and that made me feel bad.

Nope, I didn't even have milk before bed either.

I did have two squares of chocolate though...

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