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Golden Crisp
2003-05-08 - 9:44 a.m.

Okay, so, Now that I got my little vent out in my last entry, lets write a real one.

First, a question to all you American mommies out there...

How long after you had your baby did you get his/her birth certificate?

The reason I am wondering this is because baby and I have plans to travel home to Canada when he is about a month old, and it would be good to know I have documentation to prove he is mine at that point!

So, story of RUDE LADY IN OFFICE part II. I think I might have mentioned how this client came in (a woman) and asked me if I was having twins a week or so ago right? Well, this morning, she is back in for a meeting and the first thing she says to me is "Are you SURE you aren't having twins?"

I MEAN COMMON!!! I may be a little rounder than most BUT, I do NOT look like I am 8 months pregnant WITH TWINS.

HOW RUDE!!! The funny thing is, you would think it would be more men to make these comments than women, but of course, it never is, always the women with the loud obnoxious comments, you would think as women, they would know better than to call another woman HUGE, even if she IS pregnant. UG!

I think it is for good reason that this woman is still very much single in her later years.

A second reason for me to use the words stupid head this morning.

Dave and I grocery shopped last night, and then came home and watched the Bachelor and that new show Extreme Makeover.

You know, it is really funny, I love that show! Yet it kind of goes against what I believe, you know, that today's society puts WAY too much importance on physical appearance and that God made everyone beautiful, who determines beauty anyway...etc. etc.

But I LOVE THAT SHOW. And I just get so happy for the people when they are finished and feel so much better about themselves. I mean, I have to admit, I cry when they find out they get the makeover and they always cry.

Maybe it is because, so far, they have picked people who really have an issue with the way they look and not just women who are like "yeah, I need bigger boobs" or men who just want to look a little more like Brad Pitt.

I dunno, I think there is something wrong with it, but dang it, I can't say that if I did have a huge shnoze for most of my life, that made me not want to look people in the eye, I wouldn't pay a chunk of money to get the thing shaved down. Not to mention that after I have all my kids, if my frontal parts look more like pancakes than boobs, I will shell out the money for some falsies.

Not so much for anyone else but myself, and Dave... but I guess that means I have fallen into the trap along with the rest of them.

Oh well.

My oh my, we are just covering the assortment of topics today aren't we?

Last night I for the most part finished up the baby laundry and getting the room organized. I have to do some shopping for MY hospital bag and some odds and ends AND TAKE SOME PICTURES and get some extra film for the camcorder and the camera.

So much to do... so little money. HA!

Has anyone ever noticed that if you eat some kind of puffed wheat cereal for breakfast (golden crisp, sugar crisp) (AND THIS MIGHT GROSS SOME OF YOU OUT AND I AM SORRY BUT IT IS TRUE) that your pee will smell exactly like it for the rest of the morning?

I SWEAR. If you don't believe me, try it out yourself.

I will give you $5 if you don't have breakfast deja-vu while sitting there.

"You should never talk about such things. It just isn't ladylike."

I know mom, I know...

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