Gingerly Lizzy

Two Weeks!
2003-06-09 - 12:15 p.m.

Well, two more weeks left in this countdown and does time ever have seemed to slow down! I find myself more and more just wanting this baby to COME OUT ALREADY!!!

I was moaning this to my belly yesterday and Dave said: "Why don't you tape some skittles to the inside of your thighs?". That put me over the edge and I think I almost went into labor from laughing so hard!

Things have been going well. It has been so nice to be able to nap when I want to, and get so much done around the house. I can't say I miss the office much anymore. The first couple days was a little difficult but I have been enjoying it since then! I do miss updating and getting my daily reads in Diaryland though.

We had our car seat check this morning. Turns out it isn't as retarded as I thought it was, we just had to learn about what is normal movement and what wasn't, and they taught us some tricks to getting it to work properly. It was well worth the time and $10 donation, to have the peace of mind in knowing that it is installed correctly. I think Dave and I will be making a trip to babiesrus to pick up a second base for my car so we don't have to re-install in everytime we switch cars which is pretty often.

You would think I would have more news to report but really, things have been pretty low key, which is good I guess since my energy levels have as well. I have a Dr.'s appt. on Wed. and am hoping that at least SOME progress has been made, but I am definitely not couting on it. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that this baby will come when HE is ready and I am pretty sure it will be past my due date. I will asked to be induced though, at that next visit after my due date, seeing as I will be technically a week overdue by that point. SCARY!

The nursery is all set and ready to go. We just have a few little shelves to hang and some pictures to put on the walls. Today my task is cleaning out and organizing both our closets and the home office. I also have a baby shower to shop for. My hospital bag is for the most part packed and ready to go - with the exception of those few last minute items.

It just feels as if I am going to be pregnant forever and we are looking forward to something that is never really going to happen.

But two weeks - that isn't very much time at all is it?

Not very much time before having your life turned upside down forever though, and I mean that in the best way possible!

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