Gingerly Lizzy

Update from the homefront
2003-06-05 - 10:39 a.m.


Well, I finally made it to a computer for updates. This computer is SO much slower than my computer at work and I guess that has made me really impatient because I can't stand waiting for each page to upload!

This past few days has been wonderful! Well, almost. If I were able to get at least two consecutive hours of sleep it would be a lot better! My hip aches have increased in frequency and intensity, making it really hard for me to get more than an hour of sleep before I have to get up and walk around or go into the living room at attempt to sleep in an upright position! Good thing I am home so that when the fatigue hits I can just go and take a nap!

I have managed to keep myself pretty busy though, so that has been good. On today's agenda is completely organizing the nursery, packing my hospital bag and vacumming out my car which should be interesting considering I can barely bend over!!!

I had my Dr.'s appt. yesterday. They told me I wouldn't have to be checked until next week unless I wanted to. Well, I wanted to see if I had made any progress so I said I did, but then right before the Dr. came in, I started to feel really faint and see stars and felt like I was going to hurl so I told

Dave I had changed my mind. Well, he wanted to know so he pretty much insisted that I just get checked.

UG. OUCH. I can't get used to that. And I wanted to smack Dave afterwards because I haven't made any progress and am still only dialated to a 1, so it was all for naught.

OH WELL. Guess I better get used to it because it will all only go downhill once I go into labor!

I am really excited not to be pregnant anymore. To be able to lose the extra weight, wear cute clothes again, and get ready and feel like I am actually going to look BETTER after all the effort. Also, touching my toes; that will be fun!

Friends seem to be calling more, wondering if I have had the baby yet. A little premature I might add. Only really lucky women go a week or two early, and my luck has never been that good.

Until my technical due date, there is only about two weeks left. Two and a half if we are counting to my written due date. The day's are much more enjoyable now, but don't run together as much and make a week seem to last longer.

On my way home from the office this past Monday, I shed quite a few tears and felt pretty sad for the rest of the night. I guess I will miss the job and the boss more than I thought I would, not to mention the fact that it seems to be the end of one part of my life and the beginning of another and it was all a little scary and overwhelming. I will miss my desk, my title, the clients and of course, my lovely paycheck!

It is a beautiful day out today, and I don't think it will be as hot as it has been in the past. I need to get out there and do some laps in the pool and get some excersize. I miss being more mobile. Shooting pains make it not so fun to walk around anymore and I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I just need to take it easy this last stretch.

But, it does feel good to have so much free time. If only I didn't feel like I have a million and one things to do! But then again, I need to feel busy, otherwise I would probably go crazy!

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