Gingerly Lizzy

Not From Scratch.
2003-07-24 - 10:03 p.m.

Ug, I am so sick of those perverts leaving messages in my guestbook that lead to porn sites... really, if all you say is "just wanted to say hello" or "hi" there is no way I am going to absentmindedly click on your little URL. I have no interest in that, and you are wasting your time.

Now, onto real news. I just took a batch of white chocolate chunk cookies out of the oven, Blake is taking a cat nap, Dave gets to be home tonight because of the holiday in Utah, and it is raining. A good night if I must say so myself.

And no, of course I did not make the cookies from scratch. If you think I have that much time on my hands you must be crazy! Thank goodness for Betty Crocker cookies mixes!

Things have been going well lately. This has been a little more of an interesting week with Blake. He is starting to actually and purposely smile at us now, and I actually got him to laugh last night which was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life and it just melted my heart.

He is really starting to fill out as well. Has got quite chubby cheeks and his arms and legs are getting a little thicker although he still has some growing to do there. He is finally starting to fit into all of his cute newborn outfits and I have had fun dressing him everyday.

He has got a rash on his face, which I think is just a case of newborn acne. It seems to get worse after feedings, I wipe it with warm water afterwards. Sometimes it disappears altogether and is kind of weird. I will have to ask the pediatrician about that.

He has also been a little fussier this week. I am not sure if it is just a phase, or gas, but if it keeps up, I think I will give him some mylicon drops and see if that helps any. It has been trying on my patience at times, but all in all, we are doing great.

He HATES his baths with a passion. Screams bloody murder the entire time and I feel like a bad, bad mommmy afterwards. I hope that he grows out of that as well - Dave and I are such water babies ourselves!

I am still pretty much feeding him every three hours at night, which leaves me pretty exhausted during the days. A few times he has slept four, and once even five hours so it gives me hope that he will be doing that more often pretty soon. I am just a walking zombie at times!

Two more weeks till I get to go to Canada and see my family and I really can't wait. It feels like I am waiting for Christmas! I really wish that Dave was joining us. We have never spent that much time apart since we have been married, and I know he will miss Blake like crazy. Blake will probably seem so much bigger to him when we get back!

Our marriage has been much better as of late. It took a little adjusting to get things back on track. I just have to make sure to reserve some love and affection for Dave and we need to have "us" time every once and awhile. The best thing is that, we really feel like we are a family now - an awesome thing.

Katie took me to the Dave Matthews concert this past Tues. The concert was amazing and we had a lot of fun. It was the longest I had been away from Blake since he was born and I was longing to hold him by the time that we got home. Dave's parents babysat and I think they had a lot of fun doing it. It was also good for me to get away with Katie for awhile and feel like a 24 year old again!

My six week checkup is this Wed. I have been feeling pretty good. Not the case with the first four weeks. I kept blacking out, and fainting every single time I would get up from bed or the couch and sometimes for no reason at all. That was kind of scary, but I guess my body just had a lot of recovering to do. Can't say I blame it!

Well, this has been quite an entry. I better get back downstairs to Dave and my little bit.

Hope you all have a lovely weeekend!

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