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2003-07-31 - 7:31 p.m.

I know, I know...It has been wayyy too long.

This has been an extremely hectic week. Blake has been quite colicky - usually starts mid-feeding and lasts for quite awhile after. And since it starts mid-feeding, he doesn't eat as much and so I end up feeding him all day. I think he is either getting a really upset stomach or gas. I am going to try cutting out dairy again (even though I didn't notice too much difference before) and see if that helps.

I have been managing it okay, not too stressed, but needless to say, my house is a mess and I don't have much free time to update my diary.

Blake has grown so much! I mean, he still seems tiny to me - is still fitting in his 0-3 month clothes but his legs are too long for the 0-3 month sleepers.

The infant acne hasn't gone away but it has its bad and good moments. And his right leg has also been doing this weird thing where it goes rigid and kind of shakes. That has got me pretty worried.

I called the pediatricians office and talked to the nurse. She asked if it stops when I put my hand on it. Well, since it only lasts for a couple seconds, I hadn't caught it, she said to see and then call her back. Well, it always happens so fast, I haven't caught it and it is making me nuts so I am taking him in to MY doctor (turns out he seems more concerned than the darn pediatrician) and will talk to him about it this Monday. Hopefully it is nothing.

Dave is such a softie! Last night, Blake was fed, changed and comfortable but didn't want to go to sleep - well it was 1 a.m. and I was pooped, and he hadn't slept for quite awhile. I told Dave after numerous attempts to put Blake down, that we were going to put him down and let him cry it out. Well, 15 minutes into it, Dave says he is going in there to just "make sure the blankets are covering him", over the monitor a minute later, I hear silence and I know that Dave picked him up. Next thing I know, Dave is coming into the room saying "I just felt too sorry for him"! Blake fell asleep on Daves chest and then into the crib he went.

It was so funny because he is usually the one telling me to let him cry it out, but the one time that he listens to Blake "cry it out", he gives in after 15 mintues!

Mind you, I am not crazy about the whole cry it out theory, but there is a time for it - when you desperately need sleep, and he just wants cuddles all night. My mom let us cry it out and we all turned out fine. I am somewhere in between that and it seems to be working (although of course I always end up holding him and giving in mostly!).

6 more days and I am on my way to Canada. I am SOOO excited! But NOT excited to leave Dave for two whole weeks! We have never been apart a night let alone 13 days! I know I will be calling him all the time and he has already assured me that he will miss me like crazy. He is planning on driving down to AZ to visit his best friend for a weekend so at least that will give him something to do so he won't be so lonely!

I had my 6 week checkup this past Tues. Wouldn't you know that Blake was acting like he hadn't been fed in hours! And aunt flo came to town which really stinks. I thought I would get a break for that because of the whole nursing thing but of course, it is just my luck! I was also looking into taking the mini pill while nursing - has anyone had any bad experiences with that? The possible side effect list is VERY scary so I thought I would ask...

Oh - and I have lost 33lbs. Not too shabby eh? I still have 20 more that I want to lose - 10 of those i had before I was pregnant so 10 more and I am back to pre-pregnancy weight. I fit in my old jeans although they are a tad snug in the waist. Most of my shirts aren't doing so well though because of my increased bust size and don't flatter because of this little belly I have. I got the Win. Pilates DVD's and I think that will really help to tone down this belly of mine. So far, I have been finding a bit of time to do it. If it means skipping the vaccuming, well the carpet can wait, I have to get rid of this pooch!

Well, I am off to read and catcup


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