Gingerly Lizzy

My "Buddy"
2005-05-28 - 11:56 a.m.

Wow, I am finally able to write an entry here in d-land. It seems like whenever I try, the server is down or something like that...

Well, Dave and I found THE house, although it isn't quite THE house because I doubt we will get it. It is a hud/repo home in great shape and there are quite a few people putting in offers for it (with hud they pick a closing date and on that day, accept the highest offer, kind of like a blind auction). It is perfect for us, and I love it but I KNOW we won't get it. We offered as much as we could afford but I know it was way under what it was worth. Keep your fingers crossed for us anyway's. We won't know anything until the 1st or 2nd, which is wayyyy too much time build up hopes and to be thinking "what if?"

Chances are probably like 1 in 100. Or worse.

I wish that I was one of those people who could just shut there mind off instead of thinking about the same thing over and over... or at least change the channel. I am like Blake when the bath tub is mentioned... that is all he thinks about and says "buddy, buddy, buddy - his version of tubby" over and over and over...

I tried to get him to say tub-bee this morning - no luck. He and his "buddy" are going to have fun for years to come!

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