Gingerly Lizzy

Days of Our Lives
2006-10-09 - 8:21 a.m.

Mmmm, I love apple crisp in the fall!

Things I am looking forward to in the next few months:

Seeing Blake's big round eyes peer up from under his "farmer hat" and sydney soft cheeks glow from the red yarn hair peeking out from her raggedy ann cap.

Blake being excitingly (is that a word?) terrified on Oct. 31st.

Thanksgiving and everyone telling me how great my sweet potato souffle and apple pie is (common, let me have pride in at least this...)

Katie's wedding. No she is not marrying tropic boy for those of you who remember, she has found THE PERFECT MAN. And will be marrying him at the beginning of December. Dave, Blake, Sydney and I will be taking our first super long road trip. A 14 hour drive up to lovely Calgary Alberta where we will stay for a week and see the sites with the rest of my family who will also be there. And don't forget the wedding festivities... ahhh... that will be fun.

The look on my moms face as she watches this video that I made for her. She will probably cry and say it is too hard since we are so far away. But she will love it.

As for today? I am looking forward to getting through breakfast without at least one bowl of cereal crashing to the floor and flooding the dining area with milk and honey nut cheerios.

And of course, the trip to the library.

Blake being able to poop on the potty without getting it everywhere (now that definitely might now happen)

Ahhh... these are the days of our lives.