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2006-10-26 - 9:16 a.m.

I think I would just about drop dead if Sydney would sleep through the entire night.

My daughter is SO WEIRD, when she wakes up at night.

Picture this: It is three o'clock in the morning. I awake to the faint sound of "mum", I look around and in the glow of the hallway nightlight, I see this little figure wayyyy at the end, rocking from side to side slowly in the same place.

My first reaction: Holy crap - chucky has just come alive in my house and is coming to kill me.

Okay, maybe not quite as dramatic but seriously, it is a little unerving. I have seen wayyy too many scary movies.

It is really a little frightening! She will just stand there forever, rocking from side to side in the dark, and it even takes a few times calling her to get her to come into our room.

The worst is when I wake up hearing a little rustling noise and realizing there is a little face half a foot away from my own just staring back at me. Who KNOWS how long she has been standing there.

Last night, she woke up at 3:30 in the morning and decided she wanted to sleep in "mummy's woom", well no. That isn't going to happen because I lie awake all night listening to her tossing and turning on the little crib mattress we keep under our bed for such occasions. She isn't actually able to sleep in our room once she is there. Anyway, I went into her room and tried to soothe her and told her she needed to stay in her own bed. Upon returning to my own, Sydney promptly started to scream AT-THE-TOP-OF-HER-LUNGS about 50 times. And I mean at the Tippy-tippiest-top there is.

Dave grumbled "I am going to go strangle her"

"No Dave" I replied, "she just had a bad dream and doesn't want to be alone"

This is the lie I had to tell myself and David to mask the fact that I have spoiled her shamelessly and she is turning into a little disaster. A cute little disaster nonetheless...

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