Gingerly Lizzy

Baby got back...
2007-01-09 - 6:34 p.m.

Why didn't I get an ipod sooner? Seriously, this thing is like the best invention EVER!

It only took me three days to download 780 songs from my massive cd collection which I just downsized considerably. I am thinking that at this rate, pretty soon we are going to need another one.

My "healthy eating" would be going great if people in this house would stop making and bringing CRAP in. Pizza last night for the game, peanut butter bars after Sunday's dinner...
as long as it isn't in the house, I won't eat it - I can't seem to convince everyone else to keep it out (which is funny since everyone else in this house is dieting as well). Yet another reason why we really need our own place... why my BUTT really needs its own place. Cause it is running out of space in my jeans.


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