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2007-01-17 - 8:28 a.m.

So I figured out that blogspot just works best so that is where we will be.

In other news... my day was interesting yesterday to say the least.

It seems no matter HOW early I get ready to leave, with two kids, I am ALWAYS rushing out the door on the verge of being late! I got down two streets before I realized that I left my cell phone at home and needed it to call Dave to find out where he was so that he could meet me and take the kids. I turned around and lost five more precious minutes.

I was doing some major speeding to get there, but made it in the nick of time so that I was not late!

This was a pretty intense interview for a job that really doesn't pay much and is from home... I am talking typing test, customer service "email" test, talking to two people, filling out a huge packet of paper so they can check my background, references and credit???

It took over an hour and the whole time I just kept thinking about how Dave was sitting in the car with the kids probably steaming!

And he was...

Over all, I think it went well. I do a pretty good interview but my typing test didn't do to well. I can type super fast but it didn't look that way because I was SO nervous and the keyboard was one of those ergonomic deals that is split in the middle like a V? Yeah, everytime I went to reach for the b, it wasn't there... it REALLY messed me up. 44 wpm, I know I can do wayyyy better than that.

Anyway, Dave was ticked and gave me a hard time but made up for it with a sweet email that said "they probably just wanted to stare at your pretty face for longer"... HOW CUTE IS THAT!
Let me tell you husbands... saying things like that and helping around the house without asking are the best ways to get lucky.

Anyway, I hope I get the job. It would be great to have some extra money to do what I want with.

Dave left at 5 a.m. for business in Cleveland. We won't see him until Friday night. I am hoping he will get back early enough to take me out to this AMAZING Korean restaurant we found and are now addicted to. Seriously, KOREAN, who would have known!

Until then, I am a single mom seriously craving a big order of hot, salty, diner french fries... will I give in? NO! I am not going to sabotage the three pounds I have already lost in a weeks worth of time! GO ME!

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