Gingerly Lizzy

2001-10-16 - 9:42 a.m.

Well, today you can just call me fat lip girl. Because I have one. A big fat lip. The worst part is that it is in an area that it wouldn't even look like a fat lip to those who don't know me, but like my lip just looks that way. Right in the middle at the little dip part on the top. IT IS FAT!HUGE!

Why you ask? Well, because in the process of making out with me last night, my husband got a little too excited (Yes I am THAT good of a kisser!) and ground his teeth while my poor little lip was still in his mouth. He felt it too... and so did my lip which throbbed all night and kept me awake. The poor dear (bless his heart) almost cried he felt so bad... that is okay honey! Just keep those chompers out of my kisses from now on!

Besides that, last night I was liberated.

My fingers are free!!! Yeah! Last night I went through the painstaking process of sanding, grinding, prying, scraping, ripping and soaking my fingers in acid to try and remove those horrendous acrylic nails that looked so nice for my wedding but had since caused me to resemble the wicked witch of the West (they had gotten that long!)

What the heck, that is no easy process and my poor little digits are decidedly protesting today. IT TOOK ALL NIGHT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! But THEY are gone! My fingers are once more at leisure to fly across the keyboard and my initial typings nok lkongher pliook lijke tghis.

(no longer look like that!)

Free at last free at last!

I honestly don't understand how so many girls can wear those things for longer than a day and not get bugged out of their pants. I mean, it took me a week to be able to do up a button! A week! It took me about an hour longer to apply makeup without gouging an eye out.

So to all those female who got that fiberglass welded to their nails and can go about ordinary life without impaling someone, to you I say... KUDOS to you my finely polished sistas!

I think I will stick with my boy nails. Well... at least they are painted pink.

Oh and if you missed my pic of me and my cute hubby, you can visit it on yesterday's entry!


Dizzy-FAT LIP-Lizzy

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