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David- Not a pretty child...
2002-03-18 - 9:27 a.m.

Hello, hellooooooo Monday.

Bleghhh... I hate Monday's. This one isn't SO bad though because this is the last monday in Provo before I am in Windsor Ontario Canada!


So, the weekend was pretty good. Nothing much truly exciting happened.

I watched videos of David when he was a kid yesterday, THAT was pretty entertaining, to see when he was so young and innocent and oblivious to the fact that one day he would be stuck with ME!!! Poor, poor boy!

The scary part is that he wasn't the cutest kid in the world. He will even admit this so it isn't really mean... just the truth. He had weird teeth and a big head and bad hair...

That kind of worries me for our future children!!! But he turned out great so I guess that is all that matters! :)

Tonight there is a work dinner and theatre thing going on. It is slightly mandatory so I have to go - sans husband (only for employees) This is not fun because it means I am not even going to see him until like 11pm tonight. I would rather have had him come and had to pay for both of us. Oh well...

I have to wear the shirt too... it is HUGE on me, seriously... I feel like I am wearing a mumu.

I have had more stylish days, THAT is for sure!

Good day all!

Dizzy Lizzy

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