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Canadian Bounty
2002-04-09 - 8:49 a.m.

There is a new store in Provo... and it is my new favorite. It is called Crazy Canucks- Canadian Imports. I stopped by there today after work and walking through those doors was like walking into Heaven. Figuratively speaking of course.

They had so many of my favorite Canadian treats that are unavailable here.

Dill pickle, all dressed and ketchup flavored potatoe chips.

Aero bars, crispie crunch, macintosh toffee, smarties, glosettes, crunchie bars, and more...

Everywhere I looked were Canadian t-shirts, stickers, bumper stickers and flags. Real maple syrup and maple candies and at the back of the store, I was elated to find a freezer full of jumbo freezies and different kinds of ice cream bars and perogies!!! THEY HAVE PEROGIES!!! And the best news of all.. soon they will be serving POUTINE!!! For anyone who doesn't know, this is fries with cheese curds that are smothered in hot gravy that melts the cheese and this is oh so amazing. The owner and I talked, exchanging our Canadian backgrounds. He told me about the lounge at the back of the store. They have a live feed to Canadian channels and they have HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA!!! For five bucks you can watch all the Canadian games on the big screen with fellow Canadians. You can bet that Dave and I will be there for the last one coming up next week...

He said they are also going to have other fun nights like "Strange Brew" nights and other Canadian parodies.

They are going to be carrying ROOTS Canada stuff and will have a lot more selection in goodies come the end of the month.

So yeah, I walked out with a huge paper bag full of stuff and a giant grin on my face.

This little discovery has made my year. Now I just have to make sure to spread the word to fellow Canucks so that we can keep this place in business and we won't have to tote huge suitcases full of chips, perogies and candies back and forth over the border every time we visit home.


Dave was happy enough when I handed him those Crispie Crunch bars and I won't tell you how he further benefitted from my elated mood... *wink, wink*.

We spent that evening at his parents house catching up on our tons of laundry. I really can't wait until the day when we have a washer and dryer of our own and can do laundry more than once a week. I DREAD dragging those huge laundry baskets over every Sunday.

We had barbequed hamburgers and I watched Dave, Adam, Jim and Dad Weekley play basketball out on the court in the back. I must say, my husband is quite the little basketball player!

Amber who was visiting her parents across the street (who are practically like family), had her third baby recently. We went over to see him and I got to hold him for awhile... man that did me in. Now the cravings are stronger than ever. I just have to keep reminding myself all of the reasons why that wouldn't be a wise idea right now. Good thing Dave is so adament about waiting or I would be in trouble.

All in all, it was a fun night. Simple but fun. One of those moments where you just feel... content. And happy to be where you are. I am so glad to have the family and in-laws that I do. There is such a strong feeling of love between everyone and it is just peaceful. Like breath of fresh air and a nap.

We woke up this morning to the sound of our downstairs neighbors radio alarm clock blaring again. It was 6:30am. There is nothing worse than waking up like a half hour before you are due to get up. That is because you know you only have a half hour left to sleep and you try desperately to reclaim this precious time but for me this is a hard thing to do. It is a serious pressure situation.

Ther is also nothing that I detest more than inconsiderate neighbors who blare their radio so loudly it vibrates the walls of our bedroom and decide to leave it on while they are getting ready for work.

This always elicits a few well chosen words from me every morning and this morning I also added a few well placed stomps in the middle of the floor directly over where their bed must be.

Needless to say, they promptly turned it off, and my heel smarted for the rest of my precious half hour, keeping me awake. Dave finds my early morning anger quite funny. Anyone who knows me well knows that whoever wakes me up in the least rude manner will feel my wrath. I have decided to give the landlord a call, I am getting pretty sick of this. Heaven forbid Dave is unable to talk me out of storming downstairs and knocking on their door one of these days... All I can say is good thing he is around.

Anyway, despite my "rude awakening", I am in a good mood today.

Especially since I have a bag of ketchup chips sitting in my lunch...


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